Clearsound Photophone 100

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Product Code: EQ2764
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Clearsound Photophone 100

The Clearsound Photophone 100 is a great choice for those with cognitive or memory impairment, and is ideal for those with hearing difficulties.

Features pre-programmed buttons and colourful quick-dial photo buttons to hold favourite pictures of contacts for easy recollection and dialling access. Once the numbers are stored, simply press the picture of the desired contact to dial the number.

With an inbuilt sound equaliser that selectively increases the volume of high or low frequency sounds, the Clearsound Photophone is invaluable for those with high-frequency hearing loss, for whom simply increasing the ringer volume is not always helpful.

Adjustable amplification and tone control combined with a visual ring indicator and hearing aid T-Coil compatible handset complete the package.

Nine direct Memories | Receiving Volume Control (0 to 30dB) | Receiving Tone Control (+/- 10dB) | Speech Volume Control (-4, 0, or +4dB) | Visual Ringer Indicator | Adjustable Ringer Level and Tone | Last Number Redial | Time Break Recall | Mute | Wall Mountable | Hearing Aid Compatible

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