Long Handled Shoehorns

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Long Handled Shoehorns

A range of long-handled shoehorns indispensible for anyone needing a little help reaching down to put on footwear. The perfect complement to our shoe and slipper ranges.

Stainless Steel Telescopic Shoehorn
Fitted with a non-slip soft cushion grip. Length: 29 - 67cm ( 11½ - 26").

Standard Plastic Shoehorn
Gives excellent reach. Complete with hanging loop attached to the handle. Length 43cm (17˝).

Extra Long Plastic Shoehorn
A longer version of the Standard Plastic Shoehorn, for even easier use. Length 56cm (22˝).

Metal Shoehorn With PVC Grip
A sturdy white epoxy-coated steel shoehorn for easier reaching. The soft PVC handgrip is hook-shaped for hanging. Length 60cm (23¾").

Pick Up Aid Shoehorn
Lightweight aluminium reacher cleverly incorporating a shoehorn. Features high-friction jaws, a long two-finger trigger and ergonomically-designed grip, Length: 81cm (32").

Deluxe Sprung Shoehorn
This luxury, chromed metal long handled shoehorn features a handle covered with padded leather for an easier grip. The shoehorn blade is mounted on a spring making it far easier to place into the shoe. Length: 60cm (24").

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