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Give a bed bath in one simple step without water, bowls, washcloths, soap, towels and lotions with Oasis Bed Bath.

Oasis Bed Bath is a great alternative to a soap and water bed bath, offering a practical solution to those with limited mobility who are unable to easily take a bath or shower. Each wipe is pre-impregnated with a combination of skin cleansers, designed to remove sweat, dirt, urine and faeces, while moisturisers nourish and hydrate the skin.

The gentle cleansing formula contained in the wipes cleanses and moisturises in one, and is quick drying, meaning there is no need for additional towels to dry the skin. Traditional bed bathing procedures necessitate protective sheets, bowls of water, hard-to-rinse soap and tiresome manipulation of the patient, all of which are eliminated with Oasis Bed Bath.

Simply warm the wipes in the microwave prior to use, and taking one wipe at a time, wash each area of the body separately and then discard the wipe. Can also be used cool straight from the pack for a fresher feel on warm days.

A complete bed bath in a single pack, Oasis Bed Bath not only saves time and money but also reduces the risk of the spread of infection. Each wipe, once used, is disposed of, minimising cross-contamination risks as there is no need for reusable items such as soap and flannels which can harbour bacteria.

Oasis Bed Bath is pre-impregnated with a mild surfactant formula, pH balanced for healthy skin and contains no alcohol or lanolin. This makes it a much better solution for skin cleansing than soap, which is known to have the potential to dry skin, especially if not rinsed thoroughly. Oasis Bed Bath also contains a moisturiser leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

The ideal solution for those confined to bed or requiring partial assistance, older people who prefer a body wash to conventional bathing, or those who find it difficult to take baths or showers due to restricted mobility or disability.

Oasis Bed Bath is perfectly complemented by the Oasis Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap.

Wipe size: 33x22cm.

Available scented or unscented, and in standard or anti-bacterial types.

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